Thursday 27 - Saturday 29 September 2018
A group of children dancing and jumping in front of a projector screen

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You are Ground Control, and Futuretron is asking for your help to decide the future of a new planet. Here’s the situation: in 1974, a manned mission was sent into space to look for inhabitable planets.

Now, in present day, the sensors aboard Shuttle X27-40 indicate that it may have found just such a planet. The three astronauts on board are about to be woken from their hypersleep… they need your help.

Using a giant project screen and a live, highly intelligent computer (well, Futuretron), you will be part of a team deciding on an identity for the planet, its laws and values.
Ground Control is a unique interactive performance for up to forty 8 – 11 year olds.

No Adults Allowed!

“Intelligently crafted and totally engaging” — EVENING STANDARD

“Their work isn’t just promising, it verges – judging by what I’ve seen – on being totally ground-breaking” — TELEGRAPH


For non zero one: Sarah Butcher, Cat Harrison, John Hunter, Fran Miller, Alex Turner

Ground Control is a Hijack Festival commission.

Developed with support from the Unicorn Theatre.

non zero one is made up of four artists, who came together in 2009 at Royal Holloway, University of London. A prominent voice in interactive theatre making in the UK, the group makes interactive performances where you, the participant, are active and important. At a non zero one show, you have the chance to make a choice, and you’re asked to think in the moment about the question the work poses.

The group has made work for theatres, gallery spaces, public places and museums, and continues to explore new places and ways of working with interactivity as a focus. As a participant, you might be sat around a large table on a roof, amongst many others in an auditorium or on your own in a public space.

With a consistently creative approach to technology, non zero one have become known for making use of multi-channel wireless headphones, live sound mixing and sampling, projection and the occasional treadmill to create opportunities for choice and interaction.

twitter: @nonzeroone

facebook: non zero one


@turnedonitshead /@Bimaginations #spongetheshow


This show is billed as part of Paint The Town Festival in conjunction with Battersea Arts Centre and The Collaborative Touring Network.

Time:1.30 - 4.30 PM
Location:The Brook Theatre, 5 The Brook, Chatham. ME4 4SE.
Suitable for:8-11 years

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