Private event: Hip Hop Theatre workshop

Wednesday, 21 September 2016
A group photo of performers in a rehearsal space

Event Details

DenMarked is an autobiographical piece told through story-telling, singing and rapping, it deals with growing up, rite of passage and the marks that are made on us through these events.

In this workshop session, Conrad Murray (performer) will share his own performance practice with the group, exploring story-telling, poetry and performance, and how to create theatre with a hip-hop soul. The participants will have the opportunity to compose a short autobiographical tale and experiment laying it over a beat, building a rhythm or a soundtrack to accompany their story.
Conrad, along with the participants will investigate story ownership and how being yourself when telling your own story is a powerful expression of who you are. The group will share their pieces at the end of the session.

*Please note that this college workshop is a private closed session.

Time:2.30 - 4.30 PM
Location:Midkent College
Suitable for:Private Event

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