Rent Party Medway


Rent Party Medway is a co-created production by Lyrici Arts and Darren Pritchard.


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Medway, you are invited to a party!

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that togetherness and creativity can help us weather any storm.

Originally showcased earlier this year this is your second opportunity to join six Medway based artists this autumn as they share true stories of grief, invisibility, discrimination and mental health challenges whilst highlighting the human strength to overcome adversity and celebrate all that connects us.

Rent Party Medway is a digital theatrical show directed by Darren Pritchard and inspired by his 2017 theatre show Rent Party. Using Lyrici Arts’ passion for lyrical theatre, this remixed and reimagined digital version is told through a spectrum of monologues, songs, dance, visual arts and spoken word.

The original Rent Party explored struggle, oppression and racial discrimation both in 1920’s Harlem and in 2017. Fast forward to 2021; rents rise ever higher, food banks have become a lifeline for many, mental ill health is rampant , and the pandemic has led to job losses and further social division.

Yet there is hope. There is always hope. And this show is about hope above all else.

So, come and listen to Medway voices as they share their stories.

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Rent Party Medway is a true testament to how people are connected. I always say you only gain through diversity. You don’t lose anything. The cast are a true testament to the better side of humanity. – Darren Pritchard, Director of Rent Party Medway

Trigger warnings: This show deals with sensitive topics that some viewers may find upsetting, including themes of illness, grief, mental health and discrimination. If you are affected by any of the themes in the show and would like further support please visit our support page for access to local Medway services. Strobe lighting and UV lighting are used during this show and may not be suitable for those who suffer from photosensitivity conditions.

CREDITS: Cast and Creative team


Nigel Adams
Emily Clare
Lexi Maize
Ian Norsworthy
Chris Stein
Denise Wilton

Director: Darren Pritchard

Assistant Director: Stuart Bowden

Executive Producers : Lyrici Arts

Local Creative Facilitator: David Dykes

Production Manager and Lighting Designer: ALD LIve

Videographer and Editor: Lee Glasscock

Photographer: Alison Lewis Photography

Music: Damion Francis/ FlightKontrl

BSL Interpreter: Katie Fenwick

Venue partnership: GlassBox Theatre


Lyrici Arts  

Lyrici Arts is a Black led organisation creating theatre and arts programmes that amplify black and diverse stories, creating work and opportunities for local Medway residents.

“We know that the arts have the power to change lives. Everyone should have the opportunity to be creative and arts exist for all.”



Director: Darren Pritchard 

Darren is a performer, choreographer, teacher, producer and director. He’s also a celebrated Vogue performer and the Mother of the House of Ghetto in Manchester. Darren has 20 years of experience in the fashion, theatre, television and performing arts industries. In addition to his leadership in the infamous House of Ghetto and pioneering efforts in Black Pride MCR, Darren is also the co-artistic director for the Manchester-based arts organisation Black Gold Arts.

A rent party was a social occasion in 1920’s Harlem where tenants hired a musician or band to play, who would pass the hat around to pay their skyrocketing rent. These parties were a means for black tenants to eat, dance, and get away from everyday hardship and discrimination.

Darren created his original Rent Party show in 2017:

Rent Party is a 21st-Century Austerity Britain immersive show inspired by the 1920s Harlem Renaissance Rent Parties. Like the 20s, we invite you the audience to pay to come to a party in our flat, so that we can make this month’s rent and entertain you with all our artist friends – dancers, singers, musicians, poets – who will create a kaleidoscopic picture of what it means today to be young, gifted, and black – and poor, and gay. Being broke never looked so fierce.



Moving Roots Touring Network

Moving Roots is a three year project working with producers in East Cardiff, Medway, Peterborough and Wigan to deliver co-created projects to generate positive social change from 2019 – 2023.

The project is devised and led by Battersea Arts Centre and is funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation.


This show is part of The Moving Roots Touring Network.

Date: 13/09/2021 to 03/10/2021
Time:On Demand
Suitable for:Age 16+
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