Using AI for writing Arts Council Project Grants

On Demand Workshop by Christina Poulton Creative
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Arts freelancers can use AI to save time, and also as a support and access tool, to help you write and to get work done.

Do you find it difficult to get started, to get your ideas out of your head and into words? Or have you written 87 Arts Council Grants recently, on your own, on unpaid time, and want to make it easier? This is where AI can help.

The training focuses on using AI to help write an Arts Council Project Grant. I’ll share a series of AI techniques and prompt templates so you can:

– Get AI to write in the style you want

– Write answers to the Outcome and Investment Principles section of the application

– Use Chat GPT, Bing or Bard as a bid research and planning tool

– Turn speech into a written answer

– Refine the results you get from an AI Chatbot

These tools can also be used in other aspects of your work and I’ve included a section on AI apps that can take notes in meetings, summarise documents or create how-to guides for you.

You’ll get instant access to videos, slides and resources once you purchase a ticket for the training. You can then access the training online whenever you want, as often as you want between September and November 2023. 

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About Christina Poulton Creative

I am an arts trainer and consultant and have worked for arts organisations and with individual artists across the UK, since Linkin Park were first topping the charts. I love working with people on their finance, policies, fundraising, organisational development and procedures – all the things that underpin the arts and allow amazing projects to happen. My fundraising experience covers the spectrum from raising small pots of money for community projects through to leading fundraising strategies and successful multi-year large-scale bids for Arts Council National Portfolio Organisations. My training is informed by extensive, current experience.

*The original price for this online course was £38.32. It has been subsidised by £28.32 per person via Lyrici Arts, taking the price to £10 per person. This subsidy is only applicable to creatives in Medway.

Please note that this Arts Council project grants resources and training applies up to November 2023, when Arts Council England will be launching their new application format. Please always double-check deadlines and the full project grant guidelines to which you are applying.

This event is part of our Community Programme which is kindly funded by Arts Council England, Colyer Fergusson Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Medway Council.

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Date: 12/09/2023 to 31/10/2023
Time:On demand
Cost:Subsided at £10 per person
Suitable for:18+

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