Moving Roots Sounding Board

MEDWAY! We are looking for exceptional people to join our sounding board. It’s a paid role to help us shape & make opportunities happen here!

DEADLINE: 13 January 2021 @ 5pm

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Would you like to be part of creating change and opportunities?

We are working on a project called Moving Roots – we’ll be staging live performances made with, by and for Medway.

We want to recruit and pay six people to make a Sounding Board. A group of people that will help us develop, shape and grow ideas for Moving Roots.

So, what are we looking for?

We are looking for people who live or work in Medway with a diverse range of skills and knowledge, views and backgrounds. We welcome people with no previous experience of working in this way. In fact, that excites us more!

You might be a community leader, a passionate mother or father, nan or grandad, you might be young or old, curious about the arts and theatre, or a social change warrior…. or looking for something new and different to do with your community.

We think that ideas can come from anywhere at any time. Together we can make these ideas into something fabulous!


Lyrici Arts are working with a UK network to bring shows to Medway. Each show will be tailored to this place, star local people and create job opportunities. Now all we need is you. We don’t want to decide how this work will work, without you.

This touring programme uses co-creation as a method of making work. Co-creation means that with organisational support, members of communities have agency in creating. All voices are heard, leadership is shared and we all benefit from having the support of each other to help bring our creative vision to life.

We want to make a long-term difference. This starts with these important conversations and ends with high-quality performances that inspire, show what is possible and elevates expectations on what we expect to happen here and how we are seen.

What to expect

Lyrici Arts will meet with the Sounding Board for two hours, 6 times a year to oversee Moving Roots. You will be an integral part of its development; we will build the future of this project with you.

Each person will be reimbursed £20 for their time at each meeting, regardless of personal circumstance. Feel free to ask us more about how this works.

There will be a ‘go see fund’ to go and see co-created live or digital performances.

Paid opportunities to work on our shows.

Training in areas you’re interested in. This could be: community leadership, storytelling, creative workshop leading, sign-language. You get to decide as a group.

We are committed to equality and diverse voices and will ensure any accessibility needs are met.

Why is this important?

Because we don’t want to make the decisions without you!

We want our work to not just be relevant, we want it to be yours.

How to get involved

If you’d like to be part of the sounding board we’d LOVE to hear from you. Please email with a paragraph or a short video filmed on your phone. Please tell us:

About you

Your connection to Medway and

What interests you about being a part of the Sounding Board

DEADLINE – 13 January 2021 @ 5pm



Lyrici Arts are continually working to improve access to all aspects of our work, for everyone with specific individual requirements.

If you need further information or have specific access needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

You can also let us know of any requirements when you apply.

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