The Collaborative Touring Network


Our chairs are barstools; our stages car parks; our artists plumbers & teachers. Grown from the flagship Collaborative Touring Network (2013-19) CTN is a collective of 9 national producing teams from areas of lower cultural investment who are diversifying the way performance is made, seen & toured.

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Project Details

Project led by The Old Courts, over the next 3 years CTN will build resilience & operate as a national, outward-facing network that empowers communities & revolutionises how touring work is developed. CTN works on micro & macro levels: creating cultural change locally; & working together nationally to achieve access to art for all.

Viewed as a valuable national asset, the network and it’s aims for the second phase have been reworked by partners and successfully refunded by Arts Council England. Lyrici Arts have rebranded it as part of their programming strand without the previous festival elements. Lyrici Arts previously ran Paint The Town Festival for Medway from 2016- 2019 as part of The Collaborative Touring Network. In partnership with nine regional partners the project reached audiences of 50,000 people, many of whom were new to the arts.


Our national partners are:


The Old Courts

Based in Wigan, The Old Courts are a multi-arts centre who cite visual arts, theatre, dance, spoken word and of course music as part of their offering.


Battersea Arts Centre

Battersea Arts Centre believe that everyone is creative. Their purpose is ‘To inspire people, to take creative risks, to shape the future’. They feel that everyone has the potential to be an artist, whether they make that their professional practice or not. They are excited by the creativity of everyone in their local community, across London, the country and the world.

Doorstep Arts

a non-profit arts education organisation based in Torbay. They run 14 drama groups across Torbay at key doorstep sites – youth clubs, church halls and schools. They are also the creative education company in residence at the Palace Theatre, Paignton. The young people who attend these groups range in age from 0-25. They write their own stories and songs, and they explore original ideas through drama process, play, and imagination. The groups provide safe educational spaces to experiment with what it means to be an artist and to explore your own voice.



Born in Hull in the North of England, E52’s reach extends nationally and internationally, with their experienced vanguard of artists and associates. Delivering and managing large and small-scale projects, E52 also make live performance for found spaces and unusual places and produce beautiful and engaging work with E52 Films. E52 are responsible, political and social and believe entertainment, creativity and the arts can be truly transformational for audiences, business and participants.


Strike A Light

Hailing from Gloucester, Strike A Light create events that people never imagined would or could happen in their city. They tell people’s stories through performance and create brilliant participation opportunities for young people. They believe that the arts can change lives and that everyone, regardless of background and circumstance, should be given opportunities to watch, make and participate.


Looping the Loop

Looping the Loop was set up in 2012 by a consortium of producers based in Thanet. They make festivals, projects and pop up with their street theatre actors, creating mayhem, joy and beautiful contemporary live performance.


Jumped Up Theatre Company

Jumped Up Theatre Company, based in Peterborough, has been producing theatre events around the UK since 1993, taking productions into pubs, churches, community gardens, museums and front-rooms, and quite a few theatres. The audience is at the heart of their work. They want to empower and enrich theatre-makers and audiences by curating a responsive programme of events, performances and opportunities that cultivates ambition, curiosity and vital communities.


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