We are a family team of two sisters who work together to bring exciting and energising work to a place we love and care about.

We work with creatives in a way that shows respect, equality and compassion -and is joyous and engaging for everyone involved.

Lyrici Team

Keely / Augustus

Keely Augustus is the Co-Artistic Director of Lyrici Arts.

Keely has a MDrama Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies with a specialism in directing for the stage, and a Masters in Creative Producing for live and theatrical events. Keely has a passion for artist development, often working with actors, musicians and creatives to build careers, open access to venues and increase performance opportunities. She is an advocate of arts inclusion provision.

Clara / Augustus

Clara is the Co-Artistic Director of Lyrici Arts.

She has had an interest in the arts from an early age, performing in many schools productions which led her to take educational qualifications including Drama and Theatre Studies. She has previously spent 10 years working in the community in libraries, and is passionate about making the arts open for everybody to experience creativity. She believes in promoting confidence and learning via the arts.

Anthony / Ekundayo Lennon

Anthony is the Artist Development Manager at Lyrici Arts.

With over 36 years of experience, he has worked as an actor, director, assistant and co-director, resident director, educator, public speaker and workshop leader for a vast array of organisations with drama/theatre making as a major tool for self development.

Alison / Lewis

Alison Lewis is the company photographer for Lyrici Arts.

With over 15 years perfecting her craft in professional studios and out on location, Alison has built a strong and trusted reputation in Medway, working with many different age groups and genres. Alison has captured most of the Lyrici Arts website imagery from Lyrici events between 2016-19.

Rory / Alderson

Rory is the Production Manager at Lyrici Arts.

He has over 15 years of experience and a specialism in live events. He works with Lyrici Arts within the areas of production, audio, lighting and AV.

Antonia / Baker

Antonia is the Communications Manager at Lyrici Arts.

Responsible for strategy and engagement she manages social media content, reports on analytics and assists with project marketing campaigns. Her role within Lyrici Arts also includes journalism, copywriting, content writing, organisational marketing campaigns and PR.

A photo of a woman with a black scarf on, she is looking away from the camera.

Luci / Napleton

Luci is the Creative Producer at Lyrici Arts.

Luci Napleton is a professional and qualified dance facilitator and likes supporting & empowering people to realise their own talent and create positive pathways for personal growth. With 20+ years experience Luci has developed a vast range of dance projects, events, workshops and programmes involving dance, arts, health and wellbeing.

Marlon / James-Edwards

Marlon is the Education Manager at Lyrici Arts

Marlon James-Edwards is an Education consultant, GCSE examiner and professional English teacher of over 17 years. He has worked in schools and special educational provision with students from KS2-KS5 from a variety of social backgrounds, learning abilities and academic levels.

Advisory Board

A smiling woman with black hair

Vivian / Ajetunmobi

Vivian is passionate about the using power of storytelling through arts, music, and literature to transform communities and shape lives for the better.

Luke / Crook

Luke is a Medway based Community Musician and facilitator, specialising in Inclusion and Music Technology.

Christopher / Sacre

Christopher is a deaf British signer, artist and art facilitator who has developed accessible arts approaches over many years and is passionate about making creativity accessible visually for all regardless of background.

A smiling woman with red hair

Natasha / Steer

Natasha is our Chair at Lyrici Arts. She is a Creative Practitioner specialising in community engagement, health and wellbeing. She has been working in arts and health for over 10 years.

A man with a beard and glasses

Chris / Mattocks

Chris has a deep passion for the arts and supports as much of Medway’s culture as he can. He has a desire to see Medway's cultural offerings excel for the benefit of everyone, quashing the idea that “that’s not for us”.

Associate Artists

2022 // Lexi / Maize

Lexi is an Associate Artist at Lyrici Arts.

Lexi Maize is a street dancer who started to dance in 1998. Lexi can teach Dancehall, Coupe decale, Ndombolo, Azonto, Afro house/ kuduro, Waacking, breakdancing, Locking, Popping, Stepping, House, Hip Hop, the art of freestyle, and Physical theatre. He is the Artistic Director of Upside Down Dance Academy.

He is currently an Associate Artist with Lyrici Arts working within our Collaborative Touring Network programme alongside Lead Artist John Pfumojena, and an ensemble of global majority performers.

2021 // David / Dykes

David is the Associate Poetry Producer at Lyrici Arts.

David Dykes is a practising poet and spoken word artist. He has been producing spoken word nights in Medway named Big Trouble and believes in supporting a wide range of poets and poetry styles and giving artists the space to develop their individual practice.

He is currently producing NOT HOME- a series of online workshops aimed at exploring the idea of collaborative creativity, specifically relating to collaboration in poetry.

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